Our Life's Work

Your brain deserves the best.
We put our heart and souls into making brain.fm outstanding
- this is our purpose.
What is Brain.fm
Music designed for the brain to enhance focus, relaxation, meditation, naps and sleep within 10 - 15 minutes of use.
Who makes the music
We’ve invented an AI engine that composes all of the music. The AI has the brain of a neuroscientist and the heart of a musician.
Who are we
We are a collective of musicians, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs obsessed with exploring and expanding music's relationship to the brain.
We love and respect science, and proactively work alongside leading auditory neuroscientists to validate our findings.

We Believe

Music is the future of medicine
Music (and sound) are vastly underestimated as a tool for therapy and mental performance.
With brain.fm we embark on changing the world's perception of music.
Business can be a force for good
Brain.fm's purpose is to empower people's minds to achieve more
Transparency & Science
Big claims require even bigger piles of evidence.
We proactively work alongside
leading auditory neuroscientists to validate our findings.
Our Team
Aaron Smyk
Head of Operations
Dan Clark
Adam Hewett
CTO / President / Founder
Kevin Woods
Director of Science and Research
Research Team
Dr. Kevin J.P. Woods
Director of Science and Research at Brain.fm, Kevin studied neuroscience at NYU before graduate work in auditory perception at Harvard and MIT, where he developed new techniques for auditory crowdsourcing. His publications include work on auditory attention and memory, and have appeared in journals such as Current Biology and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. At Brain.fm this academic training is applied to data-driven sound design.
Dr. Psyche Loui
(Academic collaborator)
Director of the MIND Lab (Music, Imaging and Neural Dynamics) at Wesleyan University, Psyche is a leading expert in music and the brain. She obtained her Ph.D from Berkeley and taught at Harvard for over 5 years. Her work, funded by the Templeton and Grammy foundations, among others, has been featured on the BBC and in the New York Times. To date she has published over 40 papers in auditory neuroscience and psychology.
Dr. Benjamin Morillion
(Scientific advisor)
Cognitive neuroscientist leading research in auditory neuro-physiology. Ben published his last paper in Nature on Dynamic Attending Theory (a key foundation behind the science of brain.fm). His domain of expertise encompasses brain imaging, advanced signal processing and psychophysics.