Hi! Thanks for the interest in working with us.

Events at Brain.fm are moving faster than we could have ever hoped for, and now we're hiring! And hiring quickly.

What We're Looking For

Everything you've been told matters most in a job application doesn't matter to us. We're a diverse bunch with vastly different work histories, backgrounds, locations, orientations and education levels.

What we actually care about: your passion for music, for helping people, your ability to learn things quickly and by yourself, your sense of humor, your ability to adapt, to take constructive criticism, your intelligence, your humility, empathy and of course your experience in the job required of you. And that last bit is negotiable.

What We Are Offering

Joining Brain.fm, you will learn more about the brain and music than you ever thought possible. With time, you'll know more than almost anyone outside of Brain.fm.

You'll be joining a close group of friends, but it's our job to earn that friendship, as well as your respect and loyalty. Everyone here is on board because this is what they want most. Things are taking off now in big ways, but we also have a long history. We've been through all the economic ups and downs since 2003. But nobody quit. Or even faltered. We love what we do, and if all this is appealing to you, you'll love it here too.

Your Location

We work with people all over the world. If a role requires you to be in a specific location, we'll note that right under the job title. You'll probably be working out of your home, and that isn't for everyone. Ask yourself if you thrive most while being autonomous and self-motivating.

If you're in Chicago or a city in which we are stationed, come hang with us if you like, or not, it's up to you. If you want to work in a co-working space in whatever town you're in, great, we'll pay for it (within reason).

What We Pay

This is the awkward part, right? Maybe you're digging what we're doing here, but unless you've figured out how to photosynthesize, you have to eat.

Bottom line: We take care of our own. We pay very well for a startup, and as we grow, your pay will grow, and as of now our growth trajectory resembles a 90 degree angle.

Bigger picture: You will be helping to *found* this company. It is very important to us that you feel a sense of ownership over what you do here and what we do as a company. 50 years into the future, we want you to be bragging - while sipping martinis on your Space Yacht - that you changed music forever, not some company you used to work for.

Salary Figures: I know you want numbers, but in a way their absence acts a filter: we want you to be more interested in us than just scanning the page for $$ signs and hitting the back button when you don't see them. Since we don't care about cover letters or CVs, just shoot us a message after you read this and we'll talk about everything.

Application Handling

There is no need to spend all day sprucing up your resume and writing a formal cover letter. Instead, you can use the links below each job posting to reach out and tell us why you're interested in working with us, what you can bring to the team, and the experience you have to back it up. Shoot us a message and let's get to know one another.

Audio Engineer / Composer
Location: Chicago, or willing to move to Chicago.
Desired Experience:
  • Music composition, notation and sample-based
  • Advanced understanding of music theory and concepts
  • Experience with VSTs such as Omnisphere and Kontakt
  • Experience with MIDI editing
  • Proficiency in at least one musical instrument
We need a few good audio wizards to help craft the sound of Brain.FM.

Working with unique AI software, you will be creating musical fragments and weaving them together to generate long-form compositions that help the world focus, relax, and sleep.

You'll be learning all about the neuroscience behind Brainwave Entrainment as well as developing an intuitive sense of how to work with it musically. To do this, you'll engage in an entirely unique music production process that extends human compositional ability with our in-house emergent music AI. Using the AI, you'll be bringing your music into 3D space, transcending traditional stereo techniques to provide a more immersive experience based on a deep scientific understanding of auditory perception.

We'd like our musical catalogue to be constantly expanding into new genres and sonic worlds. That means plenty of room from growth and experimentation for every composer on the music team.

Who do we think you are? Well, You freakin' love music. Music is your constant companion, and a lack of headphones is no obstacle - you can just as easily queue up a playlist in your head, and not all of it unoriginal. In fact, for you composing music is as effortless as breathing. Maybe sometimes people ask you what you're whistling and it's just something you were making up as you went. You learned an instrument or two, you can read / write music notation, but even that wasn't enough - you like drilling down into the details of audio itself. When you're composing these days, you could just as easily find yourself creating custom instruments as you would be found playing or placing MIDI notes.

You really care about helping people with sound. You want to devote your time to making music that serves a positive purpose in other people's lives.

For now, we're only interested in people who are located or willing to relocate to the Chicago area where we are based. This is so we can develop a strong in-person collaboration amongst our team and grow faster together.

It's an exciting time for music, come join us on the ride
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UX Designer / Motion Animator / Creative Wizard
Desired Experience:
  • Mastery of Photoshop
  • Strong Experience in Design for User Interfaces
  • Understanding of design principles, color theory, user flow and interactions
  • Experience in animation
  • Ability to create high fidelity prototypes
  • Experience in framer.js, Facebook's Origami or a likewise product
Are you a person that can name 50 fonts off the top of your head? Papyrus and Comic Sans make you quiver?
Good! Keep reading:

We are looking for a skilled designer that can join our team and help us create the new Brain.fm experience. You'll be working across multiple platforms of web, mobile and desktop apps, to create a unified experience, brand identity, and help us communicate our company values through design and in constant contact with the devs who create it.

We value design over everything and stress if something is 2px off. We hope you are the same. You are a perfectionist and pride your work as a representation of us, and you.

Let's do big things! Apply today.
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Full Stack Developer
North America
Desired Experience:
  • Full stack developer with an understanding of HTML, CSS & Javascript so good you could do it in your sleep.
  • Understanding of Javascript ES5 and ES6
  • Experience in React.js, React Native - bonus points for live projects.
  • Experience in MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Knowledge of Node.js, Express, Socket.io.
  • Knowledge of Cordova, Ionic, Objective-C, X-code and app store build process.

Simply put, you will be working with a team of highly skilled people who want to change the world with music. We care about the details and are obsessed with perfection. We're looking for another development ninja to join our team which has strong work ethic, wants to learn, and who can bring to the team their unique ideas and solutions.

You primarily will be working in React.js as we go down the process of changing our whole system from the ground up to incorporate React in our web app as well as our mobile apps as well. The more experience you have the better. You don't have to be a wizard to apply, but we ask that anyone who does have used react.js before and are 10/10 on their understanding of the web development ecosystem.

Bonus points for being a GI-JOE in photoshop, knowing github, and experience with working with preprocessors like HAML, or LESS (We <3 less).

You are excited. We're excited. Let's change the world. Apply today.

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Customer Happiness Expert
Desired Experience:
  • Experience with web-based customer support and success (bonus points for app/software support experience).
  • Technical and creative writing skills to provide clear and empathetic support through email and live chat.
  • Ability to solve problems logically, read deeply and learn quickly.
  • Knowledge of the internet and technical concepts (eg. understanding of terms like HTML, browser and cache).
  • Web/mobile app navigational experience.

In this role, you'll be on board for scheduled shifts 20 hrs/week (bonus points for flexibility to help more during big events), talking to our users via in-app live chat, email, Facebook and Twitter.

This opportunity is about ensuring and amplifying customer happiness on 2 levels.

First, through an understanding of the significance of every interaction we get to have with the people using our app. You'll be on the front lines as the face of brain.fm. Speed always matters in support, but you won't be on a timer- you'll be striving to brighten days with positive, empathetic and creative responses.

Second, through communicating the highs and lows of customer experiences to the team. Your job won't simply be to apologize when we fall short for someone. You also get a seat at the table, and a chance to guide our continual improvements with your insight into the journey of our users. You'll be helping us weed out bugs, analyze and report user feedback/suggestions, and celebrate success stories from our champions.

This is a great opportunity if you care deeply about customer support and the role it plays in making a customer-centric team successful. Ready to help the world focus, relax and sleep? Apply today!

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