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day, on demand.’s focus music is made to help you work better, by blending into the background so you can focus distraction-free... all while stimulating the brain with gentle rhythmic pulses in the music that support sustained attention.

Other music is made to grab your attention, making it hard to think and work, even if you don’t realize it.’s functional music is designed from the bottom up to affect your brain and optimize your performance.

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Scientists at work with academic institutions to observe the effects of our technology on the brain using fMRI, EEG, and behavioral studies. We always include placebo groups in our tests to ensure our tech is what makes the difference.

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Download across all of your devices you use for work and listen to it any time you need to focus. Your output will be tripled.
My NPS score on is a 10/10. If you need to crank through some work, check it out.
Discovered through a podcast, gave it a try, and finished designing an e-commerce website in just a couple of hours that would usually take me days.

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Frequently asked questions

Why does increase focus?

Your brainwaves operate at different speeds (Hz) that scientists generally break down into 4 categories that are associated with different mental states.

  1. Delta (0.5-4 Hz) - Deep sleep
  2. Theta (4-8 Hz) - Light sleep and deep relaxation
  3. Alpha (8-12 Hz) - Relaxed wakefulness, creativity, and meditation
  4. Beta (12-30 Hz) - Active thinking, problem-solving, and focus identifies the optimal Hz range for a given mental state and translates it into volume modulations within certain areas of our music. This encourages your brain to increase the power level of brainwaves that are equal to or similar to the patterns we've embedded in the music.

This process not only enhances brainwave activity but also synchronizes your brainwaves throughout your brain, making it easier for different parts of your brain to work together more seamlessly.

It may sound wild, but we've conducted quality research, published multiple papers, and received a grant from the National Science Foundation to continue our work.

In short— is a safe, evidence-based way to hack your brain and take control of your mental state on demand using sound.

Is this the same as binaural beats? is not binaural beats. There are some similarities, but it’s important to remember that binaural beats were first discovered in 1839, popularized in the 1970’s and haven’t really changed since.

In a way, you could think of as binaural beats 2.0. We took the concept behind binaural beats and applied an updated understanding of neuroscience and auditory processing to create a more effective and powerful solution.

Some core differences:

  • Binaural beats primarily impacts the lower brain which is not where thinking or creativity occurs.
  • impacts the prefrontal cortex which is where all your thinking and creativity comes from
  • Binaural beats requires both ears to be free of hearing damage and high quality headphones to be on.
  • works with one or two ears, does not require headphones, and is not dependent on your ability to hear certain frequencies.

Most importantly, uses many methods to make our music work, unlike binaural beats which is just one technique!

How large are your scientific studies?

We’ve conducted research and testing with hundreds of participants. We always include placebo groups to make sure it’s not just our music that increases focus, but the technology embedded within it.

You can read our papers, supporting research, and more at

Is this only for people with ADHD? is highly effective for people with ADHD or attention difficulties, but it’s also helpful for people who don’t fall into that category.

This is why we have multiple neural effect levels inside our app.

Some brains need only a little help to get going and stay focused, while others require more. We’ve found that adjusting these levels based off a few simple questions in our app gets most people to their “happy place” when it comes to focus.

But if we’re honest with ourselves—who among us doesn’t have trouble focusing these days?

Why is this better for focus than normal music?

Our studies show that normal music can help increase your focus for a short period of time, but then mental performance starts to decline. maintains your focus because the music consistently encourages your brainwaves to stay in a pattern associated with focus. Additionally, with the way works, you don't spend as much time skipping songs you don’t like, or looking for the next song that feels good.

How do I make work best for me?

There are a number of factors that go into determining your specific neurotype and what settings will be best for you in When you sign up, there’s a short quiz that helps us adjust the music so that your brain won’t feel bored or over-stimulated by the special patterns inside our music.

Where do you get your music?

We employ multiple full-time composers that create original music informed by our research. This gives us a lot more control over how we deliver the custom patterns to your brain through the music in the most pleasing way.

Do you have special pricing for teams?

Yes! We support team accounts for companies, classrooms, and more! Contact us here to learn about special pricing for teams.

Do you have special pricing for students?

Yes! We offer a 20% discount for active students. To get a coupon code, just email from a ‘.edu’ email address, OR with a copy of your student I.D. or equivalent confirmation of school enrollment.

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Our science-first approach creates music that sounds different and affects your brain differently than any other music.

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